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* Coming soon I have just picked up my second magazine that will be launching this fall. Look out for Cape Coral Lifestyle Magazine in your mailbox. I am part of their small team of freelance photographers. 

I have been working on an ongoing photographic editorial since August 2014 of the Cape Coral Police Department. Documenting the day to day life of the police officers, their interactions with the citizens of the community on emergency calls and traffic stops, community outreach and the training of new recruits. It was a project I had been trying to do for over a year and finally got the go ahead a few months ago. I have been embedded in the department and given full access doing ride alongs, helicopter rides, gun range, community events, the marine, swat & k9 units. I started in the Patrol Bureau and am now working on Special Operations, then the Investigative Bureaus with the detectives and forensics. It has been an amazing and insightful experience so far. The work I am producing for them will be going on their website that will eventually only feature my work, the blank walls of the department, promotional material and a book. Here is a link to one of the pages of the website so far...... there will be a lot more coming. I can't tell you how much fun this has been and how exciting it is to finally be able to show some of the work. My goal is to show the community what they don't see, the media has put such a dark cloud over law enforcement. These men and women work tirelessly for hours on end to protect.

Annual -  Shop With A Cop at Walmart - 2015

On Saturday January 9th 2016 an EF-2 Tornado blew through southwest Cape Coral FL. The areas of Beach Parkway, Sands Blvd, Chiquita Blvd. and Agualinda were the strongest affected. It struck just before 7pm impacting nearly 200 homes in a 12 sq miles with winds gusting up to 135 MPH and the width of the storm almost 2 football fields wide. The EF-2 Tornado only lasted on the ground for 7 minutes but early estimates are saying it caused over 6 million structural damages. Some families had a complete loss of their homes. We are very lucky no fatalities were reported and only a few injuries. 

Thank you to all our first responders from all of Cape Coral and outside agencies LCEC for their quick action in helping families and power restored. Many thanks to our community for coming together and volunteering their time to help families affected by the tornado.

On January 10th 2016 the day after the storm I drove around with one of Cape Coral Police Department's Captains documenting the wreckage. We spoke to those affected giving our condolences and making sure everything was ok. Traffic was a major issue in the neighborhood with people wanting to see the damage and stopping to take photos. I sent in a photo of the back of my camera showing how bad the "lookers" were to the police department to let them know. It was posted on their site to tell the locals to keep out and a local news station picked up my photo. Below in the slideshow I put together for the police department.

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